THIS AGREEMENT is made on the day of 20 between JN Bank a Building Society established under the Building Societies Act of the Laws of Jamaica and having its main office at 2-4 Constant Spring Road, Kingston 10 in the parish of Saint Andrew (hereinafter called "the Society") of the ONE PART and of in the parish of (hereinafter called "the Cardholder") of the OTHER PART

  1. Throughout this Agreement where the context so requires the singular includes the plural and vice versa and the masculine the feminine and the neuter and the following expressions have the following meanings:-

    Card means the JN Teller 24-7 card issued to the customer.
    Cardholder means the customer to whom the card is issued by the Society.
    ATM means an Automated Teller Machine.
    PIN means the Personal Identification Number which is needed to
    access the designated accounts through the ATM and Point of Sale Transactions.

  2. It is agreed as follows:-
      a)   The Card is not a credit card and its issuance does not permit the Cardholder to overdraw his account
           or to otherwise obtain credit form the Society.
      b)  The Card shall remain the property of the Society at all times and shall be returned to the Society
           by the Cardholder on demand.
      c)  The Card shall be used solely by the Cardholder.
      d)  The Society in its absolute discretion may cancel or refuse to renew or replace any Card at any time
           without notice to the Cardholder.
      e)  The Cardholder shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, theft or destruction of the Card and
           undertakes to verbally notify the Society immediately of such loss, theft or destruction and the circumstances thereof
           and further to confirm in writing such loss, theft or destruction and circumstances surrounding same within 24 hours of
           any such occurrence.
      f)  The Cardholder shall be required to select and input his PIN at the Society’s office in such a manner that it
           will be known only to him. The Cardholder shall keep his PIN secure and exclusively for his own use in order to prevent
           the misuse of the Card.
      g)  The Cardholder shall be liable for any and all uses of the Card and the transactions created thereby within a
           48 hour period after his designated branch of the Society has received written notification of the loss or theft of the Card.
      h)  The Cardholder shall use his Card and PIN to access his designated accounts to obtain cash, make deposits, or
           to transfer money between designated accounts or to make point of sale purchases at any debit card/point of sale
           merchant in Jamaica. or to utilize any other automated or access device services accessible via the Card which may be
           introduced by the Society.
      i)  In cases of joint accounts where any one of the account holders is empowered to deal with the account under
           this agreement all the account holders will be signatories to this agreement and will be jointly and severally liable
           for transactions effected by such account holder regardless of whether they are Cardholders, passbook holders, or neither
      j)  The Society may grant an additional card (subject to these terms and conditions) to any joint account holder
           named on the account PROVIDED THAT the said joint account holder shall be in possession of the passbook or have the
           written consent of all the other joint holders on the account at the time of applying for the additional card. Each
           cardholder shall be jointly and severally liable for the use of each card issued on the account.
      k)  No deposit or payment shall be made through the ATM that is not otherwise routinely acceptable by the Society’s
           teller due to legal processes in force or where special instructions or approval is required.
      l)  If any designated account is overdrawn without written preauthorization, the Cardholder will pay the applicable
           interest rate or service charge in respect of the particular overdrawn account.
      m)  The Cardholder shall not withdraw any cash at an ATM or make any debit transfer against effects uncleared by
           the Society.
      n)  The Cardholder shall be permitted to make cash withdrawals from the ATM up to a limit previously specified by
           the Society per 24 hours, weekend and public holidays. The Cardholder acknowledges that such restrictions are provided
           for the protection of both the Cardholder and the Society against wrongful use of the Card.
      1. All cash and/or cheque deposits made by the Cardholder through the ATM are subject to verification by two of the
        Society’s officer’s whose verification the Cardholder agrees shall be binding and conclusive evidence of the actual
        amount involved in any such transaction.
      2. It is understood and agreed that all deposits made or payments requested after normal opening hours shall be deemed to
        have been made or requested on the next normal business day following that on which the said deposit or payment was
        made or requested.
      p)  The Cardholder shall receive a receipt for each transaction made with the Card at the ATM. These receipts
           should be retained for reconciling transactions.
      q)  The Society reserves the right to charge fees. The Cardholder shall be given written notice of the imposition
           of any such fees and will be at liberty to terminate the contract if he so desires.
      r)  The Society shall be at liberty to vary all charges imposed pursuant to this agreement and to include such other charges as it may
           consider necessary from time to time and the Cardholder irrevocably authorizes the Society to debit his account
           with all such charges and expenses.
      s)  The Society shall not be liable to the Cardholder for any interruption of service of any of its ATMs or for any injury, loss or damage
           suffered by the Cardholder in the use of the ATMs nor shall the Society be liable for any unauthorized use of the Card. In case of any
           queries about any ATM transaction, the Cardholder should contact the Society within twenty-four hours of the transaction
           or if on a public holiday or weekend, on the following working day.
      t)  The Cardholder may cancel this service upon giving to the Society ten (10) days written notice of such intended
           cancellation and such notice shall, to be effective, be handed in at the designated branch and accompanied by the return of
           the Card.
      u)  The Card is valid for use at any ATM operated in Jamaica by the Society or any ATM belonging to other
           organizations with which the Society may contract directly or through a provider of electronic transfer or switching system.
           Cardholders will be advised either directly or by public notice of such arrangements.
      v)  The Society may amend these conditions at any time in its absolute discretion.
      w)  The obligations of the parties hereunder shall be governed by the Laws of Jamaica.